Are you a pet groomer filled with passion and enthusiasm?
Don’t you want to improve your grooming skills as a professional groomer?
Or are you a pet lover/owner who wants to take better care of your fur-kids? 

About Us

PIGA Fans Club is a place where those who have passion in grooming and love for pets are gathered. It is an online learning platform created by Principal Valerie Khoo,ncmg, during this pandemic in order to help groomers around the world to enhance their skills at this period of time. There are more than 50 tips videos which you could access anytime limitlessly within a year. There will also be unlimited live classes by Valerie Khoo and/or collaboration with world class international grooming instructors from Korea, Europe, China, America, Japan, Australia and more.

On top of that, you will have the privilege to receive latest information about online courses, events and enjoy exclusive offers as a PIGA Fans Club Member. Besides grooming techniques, you will also learn about business management, team building and how to be a groomer full of abundance inside out.

Apart of being proficient in pet grooming, do you hope to gain financial freedom, time freedom, health freedom to achieve much more in life. We have helped and given hope to more than 154,668 groomers and students world wide from more than 140 countries and cities. Make your right choice with us now, as life is an ongoing journey where you have to keep learning to be a better you everyday!


Founder Biography

Ms Valerie, ncmg

NDGAA Certified Master Groomer 🇺🇸
Certified Animal Masseur 🇺🇸
Certified Aromatologist 🇺🇸
Principal of Pets Icon International Grooming Academy (PIGA)🇲🇾
Founder Cum President of Malaysian Groomers Association (MGA) 🇲🇾
Professional Show Groomer 🌎
Professional Show Handler 🌎
Groomer’s Motivation Speaker 🌎
Founder of Shine From Yourself To Brighten Others Campaign🌎

My name is Valerie Khoo, my husband (that time was my boyfriend brought me in to dog shows) I started to show wired-hair Jack Russell since year 1999, and was at that time was a pure amateur before I became as a pet groomer. After that I owned a show dog which was a Shih Tzu. I found that I really lacked of a lot professional grooming knowledge and skills to maintain a gorgeous and elegant long coat Shih Tzu. I decided to use my time and effort to learn professional grooming.

I went to America alone to be certified as National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) from NDGAA in year 2005 and was also certified as an Animal Masseur and Aromatologist (USA) .

At the beginning, I came in without any interest but rather a MISSION and LOVE towards my husband so I just wanted to do it right. Since then, I only focused on learning and picking up the professional skills and techniques, and worked for more then 16-18 hours everyday to strive to improve for my grooming skills. We founded PETS ICON in year 2004 from our home garden.

After I came back form America, me and husband started PETS ICON GROOMING ACADEMY – P.I.G.A in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006 as the Principal and Master Instructor. There I have nurtured a group of passionate, committed and responsible pet groomers with professionalism, integrity and with excellence.

We continue to be dedicated towards the improvement of pet care and in pursuit of the best treatment and care to all show dogs and pets.

In year 2008 we developed a professional cosmetic line TRUE ICONIC to help more groomers, show persons and grooming students globally.

We combine technical education and apply user-oriented products to reflect the entire grooming work as our educational philosophy

Since 2009, my hard work has led me to become a Multiple Breed Professional Show Groomer cum Handler with multiple Best in Show and Dog of The Year Awards.

I founded Malaysian Groomers Association (MGA) as the President since 2014 to help build up the standard of Malaysian groomers towards International.

In this association, we have organized plenty of international competitions, seminars and workshops for our members.

In 2018, P.I.G.A opened its doors in Vietnam and I am the Master Certifier for P.I.G.A Vietnam in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

These years of challenges were what groomed me into the person I am today, and to help even more groomers from around the world especially during the pandemic in year 2020, I have founded the PIGA Fans Club as Groomer’s Coach Instructor

And founded the Groomers2Win online grooming competition platform where groomers from around the world will still be able to improve their skills through the online world

Furthermore, I have also started the “Shine From Yourself To Brighten Others” campaign through online platforms which has helped and given hope to more than 154,668 groomers and students world wide from more than 140 countries and cities.

And since then I have also became a motivational speaker, where I have motivated many individuals to not give up in this industry and also to help them improve during this difficult period.